Bass lessons in Manhattan, NYC

All Ages Welcome at West Amadeus Music Studio

Whether you are a complete beginner with no knowledge on how to create sound on a double bass or an advanced learner hoping to prepare for an orchestral audition, our Juilliard-trained instructors will be thrilled to help you reach your goals!

We welcome all ages and levels to reach their full potential with personalized double bass lessons. Each lesson is catered to our students’ individual needs, whether the focus is just to have fun, and learn how to groove along to your favorite tunes, or to take your existing skills to the next level. Lessons focus on posture, technique, sound production, note reading, musicality, and creativity to create the best possible result while having fun.

Contact us to learn more about our high-quality double bass lessons and to get started with your musical journey!

Private Bass lessons

Private one-on-one Bass lessons at one of our teachers’ personal guitar studios, virtually, or in your home. Great for all ages and skill levels. Our teachers create customized lesson plans based on student goals.

Bass Audition prep

For those looking to audition for top pre-college programs or conservatories, check out our audition prep package. We are Juilliard trained musicians, who have been through this process.

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Lesson Lengths

60 Minute Lessons

Great fit for intermediate to advanced students wanting faster progression and development.

45 Minute Lessons

Great for all skill levels, 45 minute lessons provide a balance for more rapid advancement.

30 Minute Lessons

Ideal for younger students and beginners. Engaging and educational 30 minute blocks.

Bass Lessons FAQs

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