Music Lesson Tips

Choosing an Instrument

Some advice on choosing the right instrument for your child. Parents often call us saying that they would like to sign up their child for music lessons but aren’t quite sure where to begin- even which instrument to choose. While this might seem like an easy decision to make, multiple factors go into choosing the … Read more

Are You Ready To Perform?

The art of performing and how to mentally prepare A significant part of learning to play an instrument is the performing aspect – hence the term “performing arts.” While many of us love to fantasize about being on the center of a stage with an audience cheering us on, nerves might creep up on us … Read more

Music Examinations

What are music exams like? Who should take them? Are they beneficial to a student’s musical success? Read on to answer these questions. Many people are often surprised to hear that an art form like music can be tested, similar to math or science. In fact, there are numerous music exams available all over the … Read more

How to Choose a Music Teacher

Tips on what to look for when choosing the perfect music teacher for your child. With so many music teachers to choose from, it is crucial to find the right match. Each music teacher comes from a different educational background and has varying expectations from students. When searching for a teacher, you want to be … Read more