Group Music Lessons in NYC

Why Choose Group Music Lessons:

Some people have more fun learning a new skill with a friend. Others want to have an extra social experience in addition to private lessons. And some people prefer to play pieces with different voices and harmonies rather than just playing solo.

This is why we offer group classes. The group consists of anywhere from 2 – 4 students to ensure ample one-on-one time with the teacher (although if a larger group wants to sign up, they can let us know!).

Our group classes are formed by you! This means that students would sign up together with one or multiple fiends, family members, or acquaintances. This way, students feel comfortable with people they know, and can start at any point during the year.

group music lessons in NYC
violin group classes in NYC

Personalized Teaching

Some students feel more relaxed in a group which makes it easier for them to learn. The lesson groups are still small enough that each student will receive personalized attention from the teacher to help them meet goals.

It’s a fun chance to collaborate, encourage one another, and work as a team.

Recitals can also be performed in groups. There is plenty of wonderful repertoire for more voices than one.

Group Lessons FAQs

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