Music Audition Prep Packages

If you are looking to pursue music in an advanced setting, the musical audition package is for you. As Juilliard graduates, we know the hard work, focus, and dedication required to pass high-level auditions.

We gathered knowledge from world-renowned pedagogues and developed relationships with the top in the field, who have made us aware of what it takes to excel musically. This program is the one we wish was available to us when we first embarked on our musical journey.

This audition preparation package will prepare students who are hoping to be accepted to top pre-college programs, conservatories, universities, competitions, youth orchestras, music exams and more. Emphasis is placed on technique, musicality, theory, ear training, and performance.

Prepare for Your Audition

Online lessons available

Study with Juilliard graduates

Get insights on the required repertoire

Mock auditions with our personal feedback

Weekly video practice updates

In-depth demonstration videos throughout the week

Performance opportunities

Audition Prep Package FAQs

This program will offer the best possible preparation for exams. To pass any audition, a majority of work must come from the student, who must practice diligently, ask questions, take notes or record during lessons. We will help guide you.

Start Preparing for Your Auditions!