How to Choose a Music Teacher

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Tips on what to look for when choosing the perfect music teacher for your child.

With so many music teachers to choose from, it is crucial to find the right match. Each music teacher comes from a different educational background and has varying expectations from students. When searching for a teacher, you want to be sure that your goals align in order to establish trust and to attain positive results.

Whether you are looking to have music lessons as a fun hobby or lessons that will result in acceptances to top conservatory or pre-college programs, these goals must be established with the teacher before enrolling in lessons. As a result, you, your child, and the teacher will all work together towards a common goal. For instance, if you want your child to be accepted to Juilliard’s Pre-College division, you will want a teacher with knowledge of the required repertoire and prior audition experience. That way, you can be sure that your teacher knows what it takes to pass an audition in terms of preparing and combating nerves. If you are searching for a fun activity that will develop your child’s brain, without being too overwhelming, you will want a patient teacher that can teach specific songs you or your child might want to play. In this way, practicing and lessons become increasingly enjoyable. Having common goals with your music teacher will offer insight on what is expected of the teacher and the student.

Your teacher’s qualifications are important in the search for the right instructor. Your teacher should be extremely knowledgable about the instrument and efficient practice methods. This way, your child will play with a healthy posture to prevent injuries (yes, you can get injured from playing an instrument!), and your child will know exactly how to spend their time practicing for best improvement. A teacher with experience, degrees from top conservatories, and connections to the music world can offer plenty of insight on how to learn an instrument and how to succeed as a musician. They dedicated their lives to music, so you can trust their years of experience in the field.

And of course, credentials are not enough if the chemistry between the student and teacher is not quite right. The personal qualities of your teacher will greatly affect how well the student grasps the concepts taught in each lesson. At West Amadeus, we offer discounted trial lessons to give you the opportunity to test the student-teacher chemistry. The teacher should be kind and age-appropriate to ensure that the student does not feel nervous, while still setting goals for the student’s continued inspiration. Music lessons should be enjoyable, after all!